Web Design vs. Development

Most of us often confuse web design and web development to be the same thing and is often used interchangeably. Before you take on either of these projects you must first know what they mean and what their exact scope of work is.

What is the Difference?
Web design essentially involves creating what the visitors of your website will see and development has got more to do with incorporating functionality into the website.Typically, designing a website works towards its aesthetics and how the visitors of the website will interact with it. It is the customer-facing aspect which compels designers to follow the norms of good design to ensure that the site not only looks great but also has a positive impact o the overall user experience. It must be user-friendly and easy to navigate. On the other hand, web development works on developing back-end tools for the purpose of the efficient functioning of the website. It is the programming side of the process and quintessentially focuses on how the site will work and how the customers will use it.

Web Design versus Web Development
Web Design Web designing, in brief, involves designing the layout of a website using graphical elements and other technologies. Graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia and Corel Draw etc are used for creating the website design or layout. The client requirements are properly analyzed before any website is put through for the design phase. The resulting outlook will not have embedded code which will establish the required functionalities of the website. It’s like the building bricks just being aligned without having the bonding in between them. This graphical representation then used by the base for coding by the web development team. It could be the same team handling both web development and design. The graphical frame will include portions where coding is required to implement the functionalities as well as purely graphical areas which can be left out.

Web Development
The web development part should make sure that the development and coding of all server-side applications, database design, and complex transactions are all done in a sensible manner while being efficient in code and highly compatible. The graphical framework for the design part will not have anything functional. It is the web development phase which enables the website to function as per the client requirements. The graphical output can be made to establish a website which requires a secure login, offer useful accessories for the customer, provide online business places like shopping carts or enable online money transactions, online forums, interactive blogs, live chats, making voice calls and so forth with the help of a good professional web developer. The web development team, in fact, takes care of the coding aspects of the website, also known as the back-end functionalities. Though the development activities are not visible to the end user, they will experience it while browsing the website. An optimized website offers smooth loading and transition from one page to another and all the links

While each function has unique roles to play in the entire scheme of creating a website, some companies also choose to hire a single person to handle both. If you outsource your development services, you can also hire a company that has specialists who are expert in specific aspects of creating a website thus ensuring quality in delivery.