2018 Design Trends

When you mean web design trends there is no clear-cut justification as it keeps on changing with time and technology. But among many other patterns, there seems to appear a set of recognizable patterns that appear again and again. Such designs become the most popular and form the design trends of that day and age. Here are some web design trends for 2018 you need to know which has caught the fad of web designing industry.

Responsive design
Since the invention of touch-based net-enabled devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and whatnot, the web world was surveying at the changing attitude of online users. As a result, the necessity of a responsive web layout has appeared. This trend aids website owner in providing their sites accessible for their aimed online users. Professionally, this trend identifies the viewing ambiance of devices and modifies the appearance of the site, involving its layout, navigation, content arrangement etc. It adjusts the resolution of a website prior to advancing the graphics on the device.

Creating Grid – Based Layouts
Grid designs hold good for sites that have more content lists. They are the best choice for web pages like online magazines, social media feeds, image galleries and so on. The design is more flexible and has trendy responsive layouts.

List of Icons
This feature is mostly used on the homepage with graphics and text blocks that outlines the features. The features may include services, characteristics or products of a particular business or a website.

Single – Page Display
Otherwise known as Parallax design is what that is trending nowadays. These designs are a form of dynamic storytelling and the designer’s choice for its
creativity and more appealing feature. One can access the contents of a website such as text, page sections, graphics and animation even without reloading. Parallax designs incorporate vertical and horizontal scrolls, perfect for a visual cue for the visitors.

Having a Fixed Sliding Navigation Bar
This has been around for years but still tops the favorite list of a majority of web designers. Here the navigation links become fixed not only in the header section but even when a visitor scrolls down the page. Adding a small animated effect to these navigation bars add more trends to the design.

Using Custom CSS3
CSS3 Specification is the most sought-after design trends of today and even most web browsers are advanced to support this feature. Scalable vector graphics, scrolling page animation are some of the examples where CSS3 comes into the picture.

Media Slideshows and Dynamic Galleries
The websites of today support these trendy design features to a greater extent. Even the smartphone browsers available today incorporate responsive web design that supports these features. Many plugins are code libraries are available today to design such elements into a website.

Boundless scrolling
Infinite scrolling is one of the most essential trends in present time that so many people are looking forward to. This gives prominence to develop web optimization through causing navigation easy for the consumers. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest have accepted this design for their layouts and they appear marvelous on them.

Web design trends for 2018 are ever emerging and get updated and modified year after year. These trends listed above will definitely bring a spark in the minds of every web designer who works towards creativity and smart designs that inspires to create amazing designs for his/her clients.



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A business website plays an important role in the success of every online business as it helps business owners to connect to their present and potential customers. Hence it is important to get the website designed in a manner that will attract more people to the website who will eventually be interested in knowing more about the products, services and brands. Therefore you will need to design the website professionally and you will need to find out What type of content should you have on your business website?

Online presence is very important to stay ahead of the competition and this can be achieved with a good website design which involves adding relevant, informative and engaging content to the website for your targeted audiences. Even if you are selling the right kind of products and services on your website, you will need to promote them through your website as it will help you grow your business exponentially. The content that you should add to your website includes a detail of the products that you are selling and services that you are offering – like Hotels in Ripon WI – so that the customers can read more about the products and services after visiting the website. High quality content is very important for the success of your business because if the content is not of expected quality, you may lose your valuable customers who will go to another websites for meeting their needs and demands. Hence the content of your business website should be relevant and unique so that your potential customers will stay on your website for finding more about the products and services that you are offering. If your website has outdated or irrelevant information then people will not be interested in staying at your website for a longer period of time. Another important thing is to add a clear description of your business on your website so that the audiences will get all information about your business without the need of investigating further about your business. The information that should be included includes business name, address, contact details and a detailed description of the products and services that you are offering. The right kind of content is important for attracting the attention of the website visitors as it will also make them stay on the website for a longer period of time.

Creating good quality content is the best way of influencing public perfection regarding your business, brand, products and services as it also helps in sending the messages to your desired audiences. The content should be in easy language which can be understandable to the visitors so that they will click on the link provided on the webpage. It is also important to keep the website content concise because people have short attention span these days and love to read content that is short and to the point. They also prefer getting a quick review of information rather than reading lengthy and time consuming content and hence you should break the information accordingly so that customers will read about the information in a short time.

Platforms for Web Design

The website of a business is considered as the most important marketing tool that helps in the success of your business and for this you will need to get a high quality website that will attract a large number of customers to your website. Moreover you will need to put in all the efforts for adding the right content, information, graphics and videos to the website that will make more customers in knowing about your products and services. For a good website, you will need to make use of the platforms that will assist in building your website as it is a perfect solution for businesses that will help in making an informative and engaging website. But for this you will need to find out What are the different platforms you can use to build your website? Moreover the right selection of these platforms or website builders are very important for getting online presence as it can help you stay ahead of your competitors. These platforms will help you design a website in a manner that will have all the important information and details pertaining to your business, products or services. It will also help in creating, publishing and maintaining your business website in an easy and effortless manner without the need of spending a huge amount of money.

Webnode- if you are looking for website builder software that will help you design a professional looking website, then you should opt for Webnode which will help you to create and edit your website in a hassle free manner. It helps in making your website stylish and engaging as you can select from a wide range of themes and templates so that it can meet your tastes and preferences. It also allows you to see the look and function of your website as you can also decides on the kind of design and layout that you want for your website.

Squarespace- it is a very popular website builder platform that will help you create a beautiful, unique and engaging website for creating a positive image of your business. You can select from the wildest ideas that are available for creating websites as it will help you promote your products and services for the benefits of your business.

Wix- this website builder is cloud based option that comes with powerful set of features that will help in building your website as it is free of charge hosting platform that helps in offering excellent website design. There are many features and functionality that can be added to your website as it will attract more customers to the website.

M-creator- a platform that helps you in utilizing smart content blocks and multiple designs on the website as you can customize and mix the designs to the website while adding new sections for offering new and updated information to the website. Even if are looking for automatic navigation
and linking, you can always go for it as it will help you add the desired amount of content and information that will attract the attention of a large number of customers.

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Flat vs. Depth for Web Design

Why is clear appealing? That is because of it essentially works. Straightforwardness has reliably been connected with settlement in interactions between a customer and an adaptable application or website. Incredible usability has reliably been an eventual outcome of extraordinary design. Flatness has been around for quite a while, yet the topic went surging once Apple introduced iOS 7, which pulls back from its past principles towards flat design.

Why is flat observed as a great response for a few kinds of programming? Minimalistic approach has reliably been recognized as the least difficult to learn and use. In the interim, creating something minimalistic isn’t a fundamental errand by any extend of the imagination. It’s the challenging claim to fame of perfecting the intended design combined with useful filling; sifting out the pointless unobtrusive components to center around delivering the substance to customers. Substance and limits transform into the fundamental part, instead of extra surfaces, edges and shadows; depth of the design relies upon various segments. The result as a rule defines what individuals call ‘straightforward’.

We should outline a couple of accommodating contemplations for the individuals who need to dispatch their own specific versatile application or website, sticking to the ‘flat design’ style. The energetic depth is made with shading palette, tones, separation and typography – this can be adequate to make an application incredible and obvious.

Do whatever it takes not to twist, be dependable

It’s anything but difficult to get your design mutilated. In any case, you really shouldn’t. This can influence the design to look poor, and poor isn’t minimalistic. A ‘misshaped’ design can leave the customer guessing and indiscriminately tapping the screen – and that doesn’t mean being straightforward. A catch ought to apparently resemble a catch, and a link must take after a link; both must develop against the page establishment. Shapes matter; be innovative, in the interim without losing consistency within the whole application/website. You may use one essential effect as a surprising normal for your design.

Shading and typography, wander forward!

In flat design, any wrong shade or shape will be observable like no place else. With diminished volumes, effects, shades and surfaces, shading wanders forward as a part that perceives the item. Shading palette is a champion among the most basic issues in flat design. Pick correctly what tones you have to show up; not solely should the palette be appealing and engaging, it must be ostensibly identified with your association, your business, things or administrations, whatever the item addresses. Shades and tints are mechanical assemblies for both carrying your message and waking customers’ feelings; it’s a hard, challenging undertaking for a designer, yet once it works, it’s supported, regardless of all the inconvenience.

Typography has it the same, it involves the remaining space on a screen; review there’s no space for anything unfledged in your item design. An inside and out
formed Sans Serif typeface can influence the item to watch emerge.

Flat or skeuomorphic?

Beyond question, flat design is at this moment on the rising, some time back got by live tiles of Windows Phone, now got a handle on by iOS 7 – and it looks greatly incredible if fittingly used. Kind of use can influence. For instance, delineations masterminded distinctive diversions (or some different applications/websites for youths) unmistakably aren’t an OK choice for being flat. In the interim, productivity applications and utilities may get a handle on it just faultlessly. Skeuomorphism (a word that has been enthusiastically mishandled starting late) hasn’t lost its pertinence, it’s valued by various individuals, and will be. Same thing with flat design. Both must focus on customers, their prerequisites, and the faultless experience of interaction. Coincidentally, it’s a not too bad practice to allow customers to go, for instance, two designs to pick what’s better for them.

The UI of your item thing can accomplish a congruity between these two approachs. You could similarly observe all through this article, flat design and skeuomorphism are suggested as ‘approaches’ instead of ‘designs’ – since they genuinely are. Whatever you pick, abstain from overusing it is conceivable that one, and make what’s the best for your customers.


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