2018 Design Trends

When you mean web design trends there is no clear-cut justification as it keeps on changing with time and technology. But among many other patterns, there seems to appear a set of recognizable patterns that appear again and again. Such designs become the most popular and form the design trends of that day and age. Here are some web design trends for 2018 you need to know which has caught the fad of web designing industry.

Responsive design
Since the invention of touch-based net-enabled devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and whatnot, the web world was surveying at the changing attitude of online users. As a result, the necessity of a responsive web layout has appeared. This trend aids website owner in providing their sites accessible for their aimed online users. Professionally, this trend identifies the viewing ambiance of devices and modifies the appearance of the site, involving its layout, navigation, content arrangement etc. It adjusts the resolution of a website prior to advancing the graphics on the device.

Creating Grid – Based Layouts
Grid designs hold good for sites that have more content lists. They are the best choice for web pages like online magazines, social media feeds, image galleries and so on. The design is more flexible and has trendy responsive layouts.

List of Icons
This feature is mostly used on the homepage with graphics and text blocks that outlines the features. The features may include services, characteristics or products of a particular business or a website.

Single – Page Display
Otherwise known as Parallax design is what that is trending nowadays. These designs are a form of dynamic storytelling and the designer’s choice for its
creativity and more appealing feature. One can access the contents of a website such as text, page sections, graphics and animation even without reloading. Parallax designs incorporate vertical and horizontal scrolls, perfect for a visual cue for the visitors.

Having a Fixed Sliding Navigation Bar
This has been around for years but still tops the favorite list of a majority of web designers. Here the navigation links become fixed not only in the header section but even when a visitor scrolls down the page. Adding a small animated effect to these navigation bars add more trends to the design.

Using Custom CSS3
CSS3 Specification is the most sought-after design trends of today and even most web browsers are advanced to support this feature. Scalable vector graphics, scrolling page animation are some of the examples where CSS3 comes into the picture.

Media Slideshows and Dynamic Galleries
The websites of today support these trendy design features to a greater extent. Even the smartphone browsers available today incorporate responsive web design that supports these features. Many plugins are code libraries are available today to design such elements into a website.

Boundless scrolling
Infinite scrolling is one of the most essential trends in present time that so many people are looking forward to. This gives prominence to develop web optimization through causing navigation easy for the consumers. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest have accepted this design for their layouts and they appear marvelous on them.

Web design trends for 2018 are ever emerging and get updated and modified year after year. These trends listed above will definitely bring a spark in the minds of every web designer who works towards creativity and smart designs that inspires to create amazing designs for his/her clients.



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